I thrive in a world overwhelmed by images, objects, texts, and spaces. It’s a constantly shifting terrain of cultural and personal signification. It's a physical reality and a psychic playground. Rather than resist the overwhelmingness, I take it in. I disassemble and reassemble the mass of information. Yet, both in and out of context, the information can support, destabilize, or neutralize me. I may find myself comforted or disturbed, empowered or disappeared.

I’m interested in an artwork’s ability to reveal an array of physical and contextual configurations that prompt us to question how we construct and are constructed by the world around us. The power to shape and be shaped by our environment is made evident in how we process information: how we access, interpret, and internalize it. And, also, in the ways in which we re-contextualize, re-purpose, re-author, and re-imagine it.

As I move through the world I am provided with an abundance of source material. I also download images from the Web, scan images, and use screen captures. I’m constantly looking, photographing, searching, appropriating, capturing, uploading, and downloading. Source material is placed, erased, degraded, layered, and transformed. In my collages I seek to pose questions about the link between perception, interpretation, and reality. Perhaps we do not live in a world of truths but, rather, in a world of contrivances and alliances.