I thrive in the city, overwhelmed by images, objects, texts, and spaces. Immersed in the overwhelming-ness, I tune in to the narratives that shift and toss in the urban terrain of cultural and personal signification. I disassemble and reassemble the narratives, they are part of a system or a network that’s continually subject to re-authorship. The inundation of information can support, destabilize, or neutralize me. I may find myself comforted or disturbed, empowered or disappeared.

The city offers up an abundance of source material. I also use images downloaded from the Web, scanned images, and screen captures. I’m constantly looking, photographing, searching, appropriating, capturing, uploading, and downloading. Source material is placed, erased, degraded, layered, and transformed. There’s a bleak nuance to the densely packed work that, like its urban inspiration, bombards us with cryptic subtext and thinly veiled innuendo. Yet, neither is without opportunities for introspection and calls to action.