Everywhere I am provided with source material. I’m constantly looking, searching, collecting, and appropriating. I photograph, download, scan, and screen capture. Images are placed, erased, degraded, layered, altered, and transformed. 

Living in New York City I’m overwhelmed by images, objects, texts, and spaces… a constantly shifting terrain of cultural and personal signification. Moving in and around these mostly hegemonic, heteronormative, consumerist mandates I find myself destabilized, neutralized, and disappeared. Yet, it’s not uncommon to stumble upon something overwritten or defaced in ways that offer comfort and empowerment. 

It feels as though everything is charged with subtext and innuendo – embedded with desire and fear – annotated by anonymous comments and tags – ultimately ripped, peeled, and weathered – then replaced. Rather than resist the overwhelmingness, I take it in. I disassemble and reassemble the information: a performative act of re-writing, re-staging, and re-enacting. 

I think: perhaps we don’t live in a world of truths but, rather, in a world of contrivances and alliances. Any sense we have of ourselves or the larger collective is made evident in how we process information: how we access, interpret, and internalize it. And, also, in the ways in which we re-contextualize, re-purpose, re-author, and re-imagine it.