This work considers the ever-present themes of violence in human behavior and cultural production. Pictures from news stories, documentaries, military footage, cinema, advertising, and popular marketing campaigns all serve as my raw material. Recyclable and reusable bags and packaging serve as the substrate.

I mine the past and present – a vast archive of the human violent imaginary – to show how we shape, depict, and perceive violence. My work holds a mirror up to the mediated images of violence that come to us so neatly packaged, so ambiguously portrayed, often seductively beautiful: hyperreal disconnects from shrapnel, shattered bodies, and environmental devastation.  

My purpose does not revolve around some illusionary hope for a peaceful coexistence to come, it’s a meditation on ways to make humanness not only comprehensible but also relatable and recognizable. It aims to illuminate for us - in the current moment - our complicity in a perpetual act of violence.