• Games People Play [Database 2], 2014-16, TRT: 03:50:00

    Conway’s GAME OF LIFE and my text, RELEVANT/IRRELEVANT, snap back and forth as if in a conversation. The specific language used in LIFE operates as a closed system, expansive, gridded, binary. My performance, RELEVANT/IRRELEVANT, reveals my frustration with binary systems and ultimately I find it impossible to assign relevance or irrelevance to the ideas presented.

  • Met Twit, 2015, TRT 2:18:18

    Glitch is the failure of a system to complete its functions or to perform them properly. However, glitch also presents an opportunity to exploit the failure and disrupt the system. Here, it is used as a mechanism to fracture and reveal the institution. The glitch breaks down the facade and, ultimately, relocates the institution in a critical historical, cultural and economic landscape.